You Are Not Alone

The road to recovery can feel lonely. Here you are in therapy, avoiding triggers, your mind is probably consumed all day, every day with just trying to get through the day. Meanwhile your friends and family are going about their lives like nothing’s changed. Because for them, nothing has. All the change is occurring with you.

And if you’re like me, surrounded by family members who don’t need therapy—mental, physical or otherwise—then you may constantly be feeling as if something is wrong with you. You may be stuck in comparison mode. 

But, you are NOT alone. There are many other people on the road to recovery right now. You just need to find them. 

Whatever you’re going through, someone out there is sharing in a similar experience. 

If you have substance abuse problems, try AA or NA. If you have PTSD or another diagnosis, try a support group, be it online or in person. If you have a physical injury, try physical therapy. 

If meetings or support groups or therapies aren’t an option for you, read books. Listen to TED talks and podcasts. There’s tons of them. Loads. Bookshelves full of them. The bookstores have an entire section on Self-Development. YouTube has pages of results if you search TED talks. And Apple and Google Play offer podcasts galore. Find someone who is writing or talking about what’s going on with you and take in as much of their work as you can. 

One of the greatest comforts I’ve gotten out of EVERY self-help book I’ve read, even the ones I didn’t finish, were the passages where the author put into words exactly how I was feeling or had felt about life or myself. And they put it out there for all the world to see, making it the most normal thing. That small comfort of, “Someone does understand me,” is more therapeutic sometimes than the advice in the rest of the book. 

Don’t feel like you need to travel this road alone. And if you’re feeling lonely, don’t wait for the people in your life to all of a sudden get it. Go find someone who already does. 

The truth is, what we need to seal our hole for good, is love and support. Our families and friends may not be able to give it to us in a way that we need while we’re working on ourselves, so in order to make it down the road to feeling whole, find it where you can. Because I promise, you are not alone. 


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