Choose To Embrace

Acceptance becomes easier with time and practice. But, how do you practice acceptance? Through meditation. And in meditation, choosing not to change your situation. 

Sit with your eyes closed—or open and softly fix your gaze on a spot in front of you—and become aware of your breathing. Take a few deep belly breaths and remind your body to relax on each exhale. 

Now sit and focus on your breathing. As your thoughts come up, allow them to pass. When you notice that itch on your nose, rather than reach up to scratch it, think about embracing the sensation. Detach from it as much as possible, so rather than think, “My nose itches,” or “I am itchy,” note to yourself, “Sensation on my nose.” And try to observe the sensation without labeling it as an itch. Think to yourself, “I embrace this sensation.” Avoid judging it as “bad” or “annoying” or “itchy,” and simply allow the sensation to coexist with you. Breathe into the sensation and relax on the exhale. Before you know it, the itchy sensation will pass and you have learned how to embrace something uncomfortable.

Practice this whenever you can during your meditation and day-to-day life, and you’ll learn to allow much more uncomfortable feelings pass in the same way—by embracing the pain rather than resisting, and by breathing into it.  


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