Mindfulness Apps, Hacks and Tools

Changing our life is like learning to walk all over again. We’ve been living one way for a long time, making the same choices, reacting to life in the same way, using the same crutches, and when we decide we want to change, we have to throw everything we’ve known out and start with a clean slate.

Wiping it clean is the easy part. It’s the filling it back up with new choices that’s difficult.

So find yourself some new tools to help you get the job done. 

Did your doctor or support group suggest meditation? Download an app. They range from free to cheap to ridiculously expensive (but sometimes worth it).

Part of your anxiety is due to always forgetting where you need to be and when the bills are due, or you can’t keep a job because you never show up to your shift on time? Get a calendar. Use the reminder app on your phone. Leave yourself notes. Ask friends and family to help you remember. 

Learn how to live your life with help this time. You do not need to do it all on your own to be successful. This is how successful and whole people live. They use tools to help them compensate deficiencies. It is the fine line between a person with bipolar disorder using it as an excuse to drink and the person with the same disorder figuring out how to navigate life in spite of a challenge. It’s replacing one unhealthy coping mechanism for a useful map through life. It is not weakness to ask for help, it is strength to recognize where you need a life hack. 

Some suggestions for apps

Insight Timer
Head Space
Breathe2Relax (free app available on Google Play and Apple App Store)

Getting Organized:

Self Discovery:
Journey Journaling App
Jour Mindfulness Journaling App

Counseling Apps:
This article shares 10 apps for advice and therapy help


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