The practice of matching breath to movement is the foundation of Vinyasa yoga, but not every body is built to practice the poses found in a traditional yoga class. I know with my chronic pain due to an old back injury, mine isn’t!

I’m Rita, Registered Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) and writer. I began doing yoga to get away from my desk during the day when I worked full-time in web and social media marketing. Feeling not only physical, but mental and emotional benefits, after a few years of practice I wanted a chance to get away from my desk more often and spread this amazing therapy I’d found.

While in my yoga teacher training, though, I learned through throwing my back out twice that traditional yoga poses such as Chataranga (the “yoga push up”), Upward Dog, Wheel Pose and headstands were aggravating an old injury. Sun Salutations—one of my favorite things about yoga—with all the forward folding and rapid, rigorous movement, were leaving me in more pain than when I started a class. After months of lying on my back recovering, and beginning to practice a more Yin-style of yoga to rehabilitate, I modified my practice into something rarely found in a yoga studio.

And this is what I teach. Gentle functional yoga and mindfulness for people who believe they “can’t” do yoga because they’re not “flexible enough,” or “athletic enough,” or any other kind of “enough.” Because, if I can still find health benefits from a practice that laid me flat for 4 months, then so can you. After all, yoga isn’t about the headstands, it’s about the breath and we all breathe. So come learn mindful movement with me and see how yoga can transform your life!

And if it’s writing and editing services you need, I will help you find your voice on the page. We will collaborate to discover and polish your message so that it’s you who shines through. From a project starting with zero words, to ones that just need the finishing touches, I’m here to help.

Contact me today to find out more about my services and schedule. Because, trust me, if I can do it, so can you!

Weekly Community Yoga Classes in Orlando, FL:

On Maternity Leave Until May of 2020.

My classes are still be offered by substitute teachers and the information for those are as follows…

At The Backspace
1309 Edgewater Drive (Behind Gratitude Coffee)
Orlando, FL 32804

Mindful Stretch & Flow – taught by Raffy
Great for beginners to learn and for experienced yogis to relax
Mostly seated and reclined poses with lots of props, learning mindfulness through the body-mind connection of matching breath to movement.
Mondays at 6 p.m.

Slow, Deep Stretch in Candlelight – taught by Cindy
Gentle restorative and yoga done by candlelight with soothing meditative music
Wednesdays at 6 p.m.

Walk-ins are accepted or you can contact Jill @ The Backspace thebackspace2018@gmail.com or join the Meetup group.